Martin Alexander Stys, born 1987 in Munich, is always on the hunt for sounds with personality.

From synthesizers over exotic and classical instruments he uses anything that serves the emotions.

As the son of a classical pianist he was always surrounded by music and high quality recordings. He was given piano lessons by his mother and studied drums under Friedemann Kühn.

Due to his high affinity for sound coupled with his profound knowledge about music, he also mixed scores such as the orchestral soundtrack for Little V by danish composer Sune Kolster, which was recorded with the Fame Orchestra.

Beside commissioned works for AMD, HHU and the Duisburg Philharmonic his music is also licensed trough Los Angeles based music libraries.

He also records musicians on a regular basis for his own exclusive samplelibraries and compositions and has a pick of the finest synthesizers and audio equipment available.

In 2014/2015 he has received the Germany Scholarship, which is given to "international top-class talents".


No Samples. No Synthesizers.

Everything you hear was recorded and played by myself. Intense use of studioeffects and soundmanipulation.

The voice you hear is Soprano Mareike Lennert.

The idea was to tell a story with music & sound, but in a way the viewer still has enough room for his / her own imagination what is going on inside the person's head.

Instruments include Steeldrum, HAPI Drum, Electric Guitar, Wineglasses, Violin, Voice and others.

With kindly permission from VOVOX.


Blend of electronic and orchestral colors.

The idea was to put the pictures into another perspective trough music and to give the viewer the feeling of infection, wound sepsis, tingling insects under your skin...

Visuals by Robin Albrecht.